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Tel./fax.: +380 (542)63-53-28
Cell: +380 (99)116-06-80
+380 (68)923-77-76
E-mail: snm-2008@ukr.net
Skype: Soyuznasosmash Equipment

Developments / Projects

- In 2011we developed documentation for pumps and pumping units, centrifugal submersible artesian by M11. We got the following estimates from the obtained data:

• 5 times increase in resources of the upper bearing shell and the heel by offloading the axial force and the use of gap seals impellers;

• 2 times increase in resource shafting sliding bearings, by replacing couplings threaded bush on the finger.

• Increased the overhaul of the pump service life and greatly facilitated the repair itself in consequence of replacing the graphite-rubber bearings, and the use of corrosion-resistant steel.

Company "SOYUZNASOSMASH" has refined a detail of the "saddle" for pump ND 16/400, by applying a reinforcing layer of tungsten carbide (VC) and chromium carbide (Cr7C3). 10-15mkm thickness of the coating, the hardness after tempering - HRC = 54-55. Both types of coatings have proven themselves in practice. A test of these types of products shows an increase in resistance by 3-30 times. Sample with hard coating works for about a year.

Samples of different colors, namely tungsten carbide (VC) has a golden color, and chromium carbide (Cr7C3) is white.

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