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Tel./fax.: +380 (542)63-53-28
Cell: +380 (99)116-06-80
+380 (68)923-77-76
E-mail: snm-2008@ukr.net
Skype: Soyuznasosmash Equipment

On the facilities of our own factory, we produce and supply artesian semisubmersible oil-water pumps (machines), which are used for pumping and pumping water from underground reservoirs of oil and other liquids, non-corrosive to ferrous metals and rubber, containing of mechanical impurities not more than 0,1% ( by weight):

Artesian and submersible water pumps (units) types:

We supply three plunger pumps Crank PT, T designed for pumping neutral and aggressive liquids neutral to the materials of the hydraulic part of a kinematic viscosity of less than 800 mm2 / s (8 St).

We supply pumps nutrients Academy are designed for pumping water (except drinking and sea) and neutral liquids with kinematic viscosity from 0,008h10-4 to 8x10-4 m2/s.

We supply pumps Piston steam MPE, PDG designed to operate as saturated, and the superheated steam at temperatures up to 573 K (300 °C) in stationary and transport conditions for pumping oil and petroleum en/products, liquefied petroleum gas, fresh water and sea water other liquids similar to the specified density.

We supply pumps submersible HB 50/50 is designed for pumping a mixture of water and oil from underground drainage tanks containing solids, the maximum volume concentration not exceeding 1.5%.